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NDVR | Background

NDVR was founded by tech entrepreneur and CEO Michael Simon to disrupt the wealth management industry. NDVR uniquely leverages technology, advisors, and sophisticated quantitative strategies to allow individual investors to construct personalized, multi-asset, risk-based portfolios. No more one-size-fits-most advice. NDVR does all this at one-third the cost of traditional wealth management firms. They are truly a disruptor in the stale world of wealth management.


After a lackluster company launch with another firm, NDVR was seeking to showcase their expertise in advanced portfolio construction, quantitative research, and institutional-grade investment strategies. Thanks in large part to our experience in the financial services segment, NDVR turned to Guyer Group for media relations support to drive brand awareness.

Featured in:

Abstract Structure


Guyer Group utilized a targeted media strategy to enhance NDVR's business and wealth management trade press presence. We used a combination of quantitative research, proactive and reactive media relations and contributed thought leadership to elevate the profile of NDVR’s Chief Investment Officer.
We tied NDVR quantitative research to significant market events, such as the signing of Secure Act 2.0 which included some critical impacts on retirement accounts. When 60/40 portfolios suffered their worst year in 2022, NDVR had the research to explain why. Another example was the performance of Target Date Funds, where NDVR had a quantitative analysis showing why they were not an excellent choice for investors.


Guyer Group's strategic media relations approach yielded exceptional results for NDVR, generating 30+ articles across

top-tier business publications such as Barron's, Business Insider, Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Financial Times. 
Guyer Group positioned NDVR as a leading player in the industry, boosting brand visibility and credibility as an alternative to traditional wealth management advisors. The extensive media coverage dramatically increased NDVR's market presence and attracted a broad audience of potential clients and investors.


Business Press Pieces

The partnership resulted in news coverage amongst the top business and trade medias


In 1 Year Guyer Group Generated:

Potential Reach

Through thought leadership and coverage NDVR's potential reach surpassed 969 million


Advertising Value Equivalency

NDVR reaped a signifigant return on investment turning $120K into an AVE of $8 million

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