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Reveel | Background

Reveel was founded in 2006 to help small and medium sized businesses better manage their shipping expenses. As former DHL executives, Reveel’s founders knew that they could use their industry knowledge to give businesses that rely on parcel shipping the peace of mind that they’ll never spend a penny more than they have to. Reveel invested in expanding its capabilities beyond that of a shipping consulting company, developing a technology platform that enabled customers to automatically manage their shipping contracts and have the data and information they needed to even the playing field with the duopoly of FedEx and UPS.


Reveel built the only shipping intelligence platform that empowers customers to ship smarter with easy-to-use decision support tools, powered by AI, that take the complexity out of shipping data and give customers the edge in controlling their shipping expenses. The company turned to Guyer Group to launch the new platform, drive increased visibility around the company's transition from a consulting services company to a technology provider, and establish thought leadership within the industry.

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Guyer Group strategically boosted Reveel’s presence in the parcel and logistics sector through a multifaceted communication plan. This plan aimed at positioning both the company and its CEO, Josh Dunham, as industry authorities within the shipping realm for top-tier business publications.


To achieve this, the company crafted compelling narratives around key parcel industry topics, shedding light on expert insights and best practices. Guyer also actively placed contributed articles emphasizing the pivotal role of shipping data in business success. These articles not only solidified Reveel’s reputation as experts but also educated buyers on the significance of data access for their success.


Furthermore, Reveel, under Guyer's guidance, annually dissected FedEx and UPS rate increases. They uncovered the concealed additional fees, charges, and rate hike impacts that shippers truly faced, which exceeded the carriers' official announcements. Guyer assisted to boldly disclose this data to the public, drawing attention to the carriers' deceptive tactics. Moreover, Reveel's data-driven analysis exposed the hidden costs, surcharges, and rule changes absent from carriers' rate cards, demonstrating the significant impact on shipping expenses. Guyer's strategy revolved around data-driven transparency, challenging industry norms and benefiting small and mid-sized businesses.


Guyer group established Josh as a thought leader, and created excellent coverage-generating relationships with several key media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Reuters and more. The two key parcel industry publications, FreightWaves and PARCEL magazine, were transformed into allies as well. All of these outlets went from not knowing who Reveel was to reaching out to Josh directly for commentary in less than a year. Guyer Group's efforts also involved unveiling the FedEx and UPS rate increases, revealing concealed fees and charges, and promoting data-driven transparency in the industry, ultimately benefiting small and mid-sized businesses.


Tier 1 Coverage Pieces

Guyer Group helped secure Reveel 150+ pieces in key tier 1 trade and business publications to date


Average Yearly Readership

Guyer Group helped Reveel secure an average of 350,000,000+ readers per year since 2021


Contributed Articles to Date

Guyer Group helped secure key contributed article pieces at publications such as Forbes & PARCEL Magazine

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