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DriveNets, Rival to Computer Networks Giant Cisco, was Born of Cisco Itself.

“Ten years from now, this industry will not look like it does today,” says DriveNets’s Ido Susan, with the supreme conviction a Cisco challenger must maintain. “The train has already left the station.” — The Technology Letter

Former Cisco employee, Ido Susan, is taking on the long-monopolized industry of Computer Networks with his new company DriveNets. After developing IntuCell and selling it to Cisco for half a billion at just 26 years old, Susan worked at Cisco for 2 years after selling his technology to them learning everything and anything he could about the Network industry.

The Technology Letter spotlights Susan and our client, DriveNets in their October 28th, 2022 article "DRIVENETS: A CHALLENGE TO CISCO THAT’S INTRIGUING" which can be read here.

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