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Summer Beach

Israel to the U.S. | Overview

Guyer Group has successfully helped numerous Israeli cybersecurity startups exit stealth and launch in the U.S. market. This is a high pressure assignment. You only get one chance to exit stealth and announce your arrival. We understand the pressure and thrive under it. The seniority of our team is the reason why. They have done this before. They know what it takes, and sometimes that includes saying no, that’s not the right approach. There’s no room for BS when exiting stealth. The messaging has to be on point, differentiated, and validated. The market, its drivers, and disruptors all need to be understood. Spokespeople need to be trained. Third-party endorsers need to be lined up.

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Axis Security

Guyer Group is proud to have worked with Axis Security continuously from stealth, through three rounds of funding, and a successful acquisition by HPE for $500 million. We began our work by conducting an in-depth competitive analysis to understand the competitive Zeroo Trust Network Access (ZTNA) market. We then develop a differentiated messaging platform for the company and its executives. We led their media and analyst relations, as well as content development, executive thought leadership and social media initiatives.

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